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Published: 31st August 2009
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We live in an increasingly portable society. Everything is going towards cordless; cell phones, power tools and electronic devices just to name a few.All of these gadgets need rechargeable batteries; they are in high demand.

Unfortunately for the consumer, rechargeable batteries have a limited life. But because there are only so many times that a person can charge, use and recharge then reconditioning batteries is a great business. In many cases the battery can be the reason for damaging the battery charger and people will think the charger is bad until they purchase a new charger and it gets baked too.

This caused me much frustration. It took a lot of convincing over the years but I finally got people to start purchasing smart chargers, battery tender chargers rather than trickle chargers. I like reconditioning batteries because it's great for business but I hate to see people fry their chargers up when they don't need to. With a battery tender charger it senses the temperature inside the battery and will switch off automatically. I especially like Deltran and personally I won't buy anything else.

Additionally, owning and using a smart-charger will greatly extend the life of your battery.When the battery is fully charged it stops putting electrical current into the cells, whereas the traditional battery charger keeps charging even after the battery is topped-off. Good for the reconditioning batteries business but bad for the consumer.Of course, over-charging the battery is not only highly dangerous but it seriously reduces the life of the battery. If you're the type that likes to leave your battery charging all the time when it's not being used then this problem is very likely one that you are aware of and a battery tender charger by Deltran should be on your X-Mas list.

One day, while this guy was working in his home office, he discovered a method that forces a non-responsive battery into operation.So he had a battery that was dead and had no voltage output. He was about to tell the client that there was no chance for this battery.Then he determined that he had nothing to lose and that this battery would be a good prospect for testing his rejuvenation procedure. Much to everyone's amazement, it went from completely dead to operating at one hundred percent of the charging capacity.

Regarding lead acid batteries, right now every vehicle needs a rechargeable battery, lead-acid batteries, and if you can let your clients know that you can save them about 50% of the cost of a new battery and provide a guarantee that proves that their battery will last a couple of years (most new batteries have 3 year warranties) ... it's a win-win situation ... a no brainer. Are you starting to see the $ signs in a reconditioning batteries business?

However, the future holds much greater opportunities to cash in ... as oil becomes more scarce and the price continues to increase, more and more people will buy and therefore the car companies will be manufacturing more energy efficient cars.The experts are saying that the auto of the future will be a hybrid of diesel-electric. ... And these hybrids will need rechargeable batteries ... The market will be huge!The demands placed on the government to legislate more energy efficient cars will only increase the need for diesel and electric hybrids. We live in a greener & greener world all the time.

Your timing could not be better; right place at the right time! You definitely want to be the first battery reconditioning business in your city or neighborhood. Introducing the Complete Battery Reconditioning Report! This former NASA guy created this guide because he wanted to have his life back. The people out there that want and need this service is really big! It sure has helped me a lot!
I am so happy to share this unique "reconditioning batteries" biz with you and there is a lot of room in this field for hard working people. In this reconditioning batteries report you will:

· Learn how reconditioning batteries works for rechargeable batteries - Keeps a battery healthy and can extend the run time of your batteries.

· Learn how to rejuvenate dead batteries using reconditioning batteries techniques - This easy procedure can revive seemingly dead batteries and demonstrates the real value in reconditioning batteries.

· Learn how to measure a battery's charge capacity - This tells you how much energy a battery can store at a given time and allows you to measure the improvement that you made while reconditioning batteries.

· Learn how to revert a reversed cell when reconditioning batteries - When a cell is reversed in a battery pack it is very bad. Learn how to revert it back using reconditioning batteries techniques.

· Learn why reconditioning batteries is needed - Learn the theory in layman's terms, how a battery develops the memory effect and how reconditioning batteries reduces and eliminates this effect.

· Learn how to tell if a battery needs to be reconditioned and when reconditioning batteries makes sense - Some batteries may not respond well to reconditioning. Others will dramatically improve. Learn how to tell the difference; reconditioning batteries is great but there are times when we have to recognize when a battery is gone for good.

· Learn how to perform all these reconditioning batteries techniques with inexpensive tools - This will allow you to do everything to achieve maximum results and to go into business reconditioning batteries.

This reconditioning batteries report is comprised of forty six pgs including very detailed instructions. Large full color photographs - So that you can clearly see what I'm talking about. Photographs are worth a thousand words.

You will learn how anyone can position themselves to be an expert when it comes to reconditioning batteries. Additionally, you will learn how to revert cells and how easy reconditioning batteries really is!!

You will, however, need some tools. The type of tools and equipment will depend on your reconditioning batteries interest; Ni-cd and Ni-mh batteries or Lead Acid (car) batteries. You may decide to do both.

You will need the following tools for your reconditioning batteries biz if you plan to work with Ni-Cd and Ni-mh batteries:

1. Battery Analyzer (120 bucks) in order to accurately test and recondition Ni-cd & Ni-mh batteries and print out great looking graphs. Your RECONDITIONING BATTERIES biz should be well organized.

The reconditioning batteries guide will also show you a cheap alternative that will cost you $20 in parts from an electronic store if dinero is tight.

2. A Set of Universal Test Leads that the reconditioning batteries guide will show you how to make with $2 worth of parts. This is really easy and can be done in a few minutes.

For Reconditioning Lead Acid (Vehicle) Batteries You Will Need:

1. Slow Battery Charger or Series Charger (recommended) for large operations charging several batteries at one time. Can be purchased at your local wholesale battery supply company or auto parts store. About 30 bucks and up.

2. 30 Ampre Quick Battery Tender for quick twenty-minute jolts. Can be bought at a local wholesale battery supply company. This can be a combination unit with item #1 but will sacrifice your ability to do more batteries. You can buy a combination unit to try it out and get started from about 50-70 bucks.

3. Battery Load Tester - very easy to use. Can be aquired for about $30.

4. Battery Hydrometer - very easy to learn. Can be bought at Amazon for 5-10 bucks.

5. Test Cables - Can be bought at Amazon for 10-20 bucks.

6. Protective Equipment which includes a face shield, apron and good quality gloves for handling battery acid. This stuff does not cost that much but is necessary for handling acid for 10-20 bucks.

Of course, there is some cost in starting your own reconditioning batteries business but this complete guide will completely reveal everything you need. However, the cost is very low to start and the profits can be great. You might be able to find some of the items needed even cheaper on Amazon, eBay, Craig's List or a garage sale. There are other reconditioning batteries workshops-seminars starting to hit the market but the investment is more around $12k to get started. And the bad part with that is you are in a franchise and of course subject to franchise fees and other factors that lower your earnings. You are way better owning the business and the business system!

Wishing You The Best!
The Empowered Girlz

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